Hinsdale County Clerk (Colorado)

The Hinsdale County Clerk's Office keeps and preserves public records for the Hinsdale County, Colorado government. As part of this job, Clerks maintain Hinsdale County vital records, including birth certificates, marriage records, death certificates, and divorce records. These documents list personal information such as names, dates of birth, and other identifying information, and they may be required to obtain Colorado government identification or to receive government services. These documents establish identity and can be used for Hinsdale County genealogical research. Hinsdale County Clerk Offices may also keep records on Hinsdale County property ownership, property taxes, and title deeds, as well as property sale records. The Clerk Office maintains multiple different county records and services, which may be available online.

Hinsdale County Clerk Lake City CO PO Box 9 81235 970-944-2228